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How is a palette shipped from Switzerland?

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How do you send a pallet from Switzerland abroad? Freight shipping

Pallet transport is suitable for both domestic and international consignments and is normally required when shipping large, heavy or bulky goods. In other words, when their weight and dimensions are above the specified guideline values.

Example: A clothing shop needs to ship a large number of jeans overseas, in which case a freight service by sea, air or land is required.

Moreover, when shipping from Switzerland to abroad, please enclose the proforma invoice (which is automatically generated by This document provides customs with all the necessary data about the goods being sent. If the imports are sold afterwards, a commercial invoice must be attached. You can create this yourself or you will receive it automatically when you book your shipment on For pallet shipments, it is advisable to take out freight insurance.

How do you send a pallet from Switzerland abroad? Mass and weight

There are various pallets that can be used for shipping. Probably the most famous example is the reusable wooden pallet, also known as the Euro pallet (with a branded EUR symbol), which measures 15x80x120 centimeters. In addition to the Euro pallet, one-way pallets are also used. These can, as the name suggests, be used once. With you can ship up to 20 pallets at once.

Mass and weight for pallet shipping can vary depending on the transport company. As a guideline, goods weighing more than 70 kg and max. 1000 kg are shipped with pallets. For exact details, please contact the respective transport company.

How do you send a pallet from Switzerland abroad? Safe transport

Please make sure that the goods lie firmly on the pallet, preferably the boxes are arranged in a square. The whole should form an inseparable unit. The goods should also not be overhanging. This means that the goods should not exceed the edge of the pallet.

Pallets are often stacked when shipping freight, so please make sure they have a firm surface. There is a surcharge for non-stackable pallets.

Secure the goods and the pallet with stretch film and two tension straps. IMPORTANT: Goods and pallet should be secured with the tension straps.

Address labels must be placed on the side and not on top, as another pallet can be stacked on yours. Non-stackable or fragile pallets must have warning labels.

How do you send a pallet from Switzerland abroad? Prices

The price depends on the destination and is a combination of weight and volume. Thus, any shipments that require additional space or cannot be stacked may incur a supplementary charge.

How is a pallet shipped? Customs duties

The import tax for a particular country depends on the local goods and services tax and VAT. The category of the item and the declared value also play a role. Taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods and the shipping fees.

How is a pallet shipped? Forbidden goods

Make sure you are not shipping prohibited goods. Please check which goods are prohibited in the country of destination and enquire with the chosen carrier (FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, or Aramex).

How is a pallet shipped? Delivery

The pallets can be shipped by sea freight, rail freight or air freight. In addition, our partners offer door-to-door delivery. However, please note, that delivery is not possible on public holidays.

At, you benefit from quick and simple shipping. However, depending on the shipment, customs clearance may take longer.

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