choose the best insurance for your packages

choose the best insurance for your packages

How to insure a parcel?

In Switzerland, as in any other country, goods transport insurance is an important element to prevent risks during the transport of parcels. Damaged or lost parcels are always the most unpleasant situations, especially if the parcel is not insured. Find out below why it is beneficial to take out cargo insurance and how to choose the right provider.

How to insure a parcel? 
Key information

Before insuring your goods, make sure that they are approved for transport by the carrier. AXA Insurance follows the carriers’ conditions regarding which goods you can insure.

The maximum insurable amount when booking a shipment on Expedismart is CHF 100,000, which is double the usual coverage of CHF 50,000.

Furthermore, it is possible to insure the shipment of artwork or valuable materials for a maximum amount of CHF 25,000.

In addition, it is possible on Expedismart to insure a document shipment, up to a maximum amount of CHF 5,000. Please note that the sum insured corresponds to the replacement value, so that no economic loss is incurred in the event of a possible delay or loss of a document.

The cost of the AXA insurance is 1% of the value declared at the time of booking, with a minimum of CHF 10. For example, if the value of your goods is CHF 2,000, the cost of the insurance is CHF 20.

How to insure a parcel? 
Opting for transport insurance

Although cargo insurance is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to better protect parcels and goods against risks. When importing and exporting goods, companies make an investment every time a package is shipped. To minimise the risks, these investments need to be protected with cargo insurance.

For private individuals, taking out insurance provides security during the transport of the package. This insurance covers all or part of the loss and/or damage to the parcel during transport between the point of origin and the final destination. On Expedismart you can take out transport insurance with AXA, regardless of the parcel shipping partner of your choice (FedEx, UPS, TNT).

How to insure a parcel?
The advantages

Transport insurance was developed to protect against transit risks. It should be noted that the level of security varies depending on the transport route. Furthermore, objects and goods that have suffered the same incident may be damaged to different degrees. To prevent all eventualities, goods-in-transit insurance is highly recommended as it offers several advantages:

  • Limitation of financial losses. In case of loss or damage during the transport of the goods, you avoid the risk of suffering a financial loss.
  • Fast transportation in case of damage. You may have to pay a deposit to get your damaged package back, even if there is no loss or damage to your contents. If you have insurance, your insurance company will cover this and speed up the release of your goods. General average is an internationally recognised principle that states that in certain types of accident to a ship, all parties bear the loss equally

How to insure a parcel?
Choosing an insurance company

Finding the right cargo insurance provider often requires some research and can be a real challenge. While there are many insurance companies that offer excellent services at the best price, it is often difficult to find one that can meet your expectations. So, to narrow down your search for a cargo insurance company, you should consider some criteria for selection, such as:

  • Experience: when you are in the process of choosing the right cargo insurance company, one of the first criteria you should look for is the company’s level of experience. Look for companies that have been in business for more than 5 years, as this is a minimum guarantee of the company’s competence.
  • The offers: Evaluating a cargo insurance service provider’s coverage is a crucial step in approving a service solution. Make sure that cargo insurance companies offer the specific services you need.
  • Price: Before choosing an insurance company, always consider the cost of working with the different cargo insurance companies. With Expedismart, for example, the cost of insurance is 1% of the value of the insured goods. The insurance partner at Expedismart is AXA.
  • Reputation: Try to look closely at the insurer’s profile to see what customers have to say. From this you can tell if the insurance company has a good reputation with partner companies and former customers. Any reputable insurer should be able to provide positive references from previous clients.