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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to select the time at which the courier will come at my office to take my shipment and send it to its destination ?
What sort of documents do I have to attach to my shipment ?
If I have any questions, who can I contact ?
How much will my shipping cost ?
What happens if I have already an account with a carrier (for example DHL) ?
I have no boxes or envelopes for packaging my shipment, what can I do ?

Is it possible to select the time at which the courier will come at my office to take my shipment and send it to its destination ?

Yes. On the reservation of your shipment, you can choose the time range which is best for you and during which the courier of the transporter you selected comes by your office (for example : between 15.00 pm and 17.00 pm).

If you send DOCUMENTS, simply enclose the shipping order to your documents which will immediately be sent to you at the end of your ordering.

If you send GOODS, you have to attach the following documents :

  • An original invoice or a proformat invoice if it is not a commercial shipment
  • Three copies of this commercial or proformat invoice
  • The shipping order you have received per e-mail at the end of your ordering.

Expedismart takes care of everything. Should you have any questions please contact us, we will deal with the tranporters and keep you informed about the further developments. You no longer lose your time discussing with them.

You pay the prices indicated at the comparing process, so that there are no bad surprises. However, a new invoicing may be neccessary if you under-estimate the size and/or the weight of the parcel.
It is not a problem at all, you may keep this account you have with the carrier and open another one with
Expedismart does not furnish any material for the shipments. If you are looking for boxes, we suggest you to go to a retailer and buy the furnitures (for example Office World or Migros).
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