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Your shipments with TNT

TNT is a Dutch international transport company created by the merger of several independent transport entities. Ken Thomas founded "Thomas Nationwide Transport" in 1946 in Australia. Then in 1996, Royal Dutch Post decided to buy TNT in order to become an European company. In 2011, TNT gains independence and can be considered one of the largest international shipping group with FedEx, UPS and DHL. In April 2015, the company is sold for 4.6 billion $ to FedEx. In Switzerland, a partnership is concluded between the Swiss Post and TNT for all shipments from Switzerland to abroad. allows you to book a large choice of TNT delivery services in order to give you a maximum flexibility in your shipments:

  • 9:00 EXPRESS
  • 10:00 EXPRESS
  • 12:00 EXPRESS

For more information about TNT Swiss Post services, please visit this page.

Terms of TNT supplementary insurance:

  • Cost of this insurance to the client: 1% of the value of the package
  • Maximum coverage: CHF 25'000 per package
  • Coverage without insurance: CHF 27 / kg

TNT Swiss Post bans or severely restricts the transport of the following goods:

  • Jewelry / Luxury / Art / Precious materials (precious metals, coins, precious stones and jewels, antiques / artworks / masterpieces)
  • Living or dead beings (human remains, live or dead animals, insects, bait, fishing, ashes and funerary relics, organs)
  • Payment (means of bank payment)
  • Weapons (all weapon categories, ammunition, fakes weapons, collection weapons)
  • Fresh plants and flowers
  • Pornographic material
  • Documents (non replicable documents, postal stamps, fiscal stamps, examinations or competitions subjects and copies, exhibits)
  • Food / Alcohol
  • Computer / Hi-Fi / Video / Photo (laptops, electronic organizers, tablets, mobile phone, and geolocation systems, Video / Photo (camcorder...)
  • Manufactured tobacco
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Pharmaceuticals / Refrigerated non-food products (Narcotics and psychotropic drugs)

If your merchandise belongs to this list, will not be able to take care of your shipment. In this case, please contact TNT customer service.

TNT Customer Service

Telephone No.: 0800 55 55 55