Dictonary of Logistic

Dictonary of Logistic


What is an ATR Certificate?

Définition: The ATR Certificate is a customs document used in trade between EU members and Turkey, to benefit from cheaper rates of duty.

What an Airway Bill (AWB)?

Definition: air carriage contract.

What is an “Alcohol shipping agreement” form?

Definition: a necessary form to ship alcohol to Canada.

What is an AVA form?

Definition: a necessary form to ship agri-food to Singapore.


Bundle of documents:

Definition: every shipping needs the emission of a bundle of documents which comes with the goods to prove the logistical obligations: fabrication, logistics, transports …


What is a certificate of conformity of the goods?

Definition: it is emitted by an approval organism and asked by the buyer to make sure that his goods are conform to the order when he must pay for it before its arrival.

What is a certificate of origin?

Definition: A certificate of origin (CO) is a document declaring in which country a commodity or good was manufactured. The certificate of origin contains information regarding the product, its destination, and the country of export.

What is CITES?

Definition: CITES controls and regulates the international trade of endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

What is a commercial invoice?

Definition: Document required by customs to determine true value of the imported goods, for assessment of duties and taxes.

What is customs clearance?

Definition: the documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported goods so that they can enter the country or to exported goods so that they can leave the country.

What is customs duty?

Definition: A tax levied on imports (and, sometimes, on exports) by the customs authorities of a country to raise state revenue, and/or to protect domestic industries from more efficient or predatory competitors from abroad.

What is a customs formality?

Definition: a declaration of goods by the shipper and examination of them by customs

What is a custom office?

Definition: place where all or parts of customs formalities can be accomplished.

What is a custom office of departure?

Definition: every custom office where an operation of customs transit starts.


What is a declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles form?

Definition: a necessary form to ship personal items to the United States.


What is an EORI Number?

Definition: The EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number) is an operator identification number that is valid throughout the European Union and replaces the German customs number.

What is EUR 1?

Definition: form used in international commodity traffic. The EUR.1 is most importantly recognized as a certificate of origin in the external trade in legal sense, especially within the framework of several bi- and multilateral agreements of the Pan-European preference system.

What is an export?

Definition: shipping a good to a foreign country.

What is an export/import license?

Definition: an authorization delivered by a competent authority to import or export goods submitted to a restriction.


What is a form A?

Definition: it materializes the preferential agreements concluded with developing countries and are delivered by the International Chamber of Commerce.

What is a forwarder (or consignor)?

Definition: intermediary in international trade who is in charge of the complete transport of whatever goods to whatever country.


What is a good of free movement?

Definition: goods without customs restrictions.


What is an import?

Definition: bringing goods into a country.

What are the incoterms?

Definition: International commercial terms. Thirteen terms of sale accepted worldwide in assignment of costs and responsibilities between the buyer and the seller. Proposed, updated, and copyrighted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), they serve as global standards for uniform interpretation of common contract clauses in international trade


What is a list of packages?

Definition: it enables the verification of the conformity of the shipping with the order and the invoice, the quick identification of every parcel at the departure and the arrival.


What is an operation of customs transit?

Definition: transport of goods in customs transit, from a departure office to a destination office.


What is a proforma invoice?

Definition: An abridged or estimated invoice sent by a seller to a buyer in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It notes the kind and quantity of goods, their value, and other important information such as weight and transportation charges.


What is a recipient?

Definition: the person to whom the shipping is addressed.


What is a sender?

Definition: person who sends a parcel.

What is a single administrative document (SAD)?

Definition: a customs form developed by the European Union (EU) to control the import and export of goods arriving into and departing from EU nations.


What is a trade of goods declaration (DEB)?

Definition: each month, a firm is required to fill out the DEB, covering the intra-Community trade in goods with other Member States of the European Union and file it with customs.

What is a transit office?

Definition: a customs office through which the goods are imported or exported during an operation of customs transit.