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You are shipping a parcel abroad, but who pays for the customs fees?


If you use Expedismart, we can easily answer that question: the recipient of your parcel.

We chose this solution for the shipments booked from Expedismart, because it is difficult estimate in advance the customs fees which can be invoiced by the customs of the destination country, and we cannot invoice them again afterwards.

What can you do to avoid that your client gets a bad surprise from the customs of his country? We recommend that you inform him and that you tell him than in any case, he must be conscient that there are some customs fees and that he will have to pay for them. In the opposite case, the carrier will not deliver him the good.

Which brings us to the last point, the return costs.

The return costs

In the case where the recipient would refuse to pay for the customs fees, you have two solutions:

1. Repatriate the good: this solution enables you to get your shipment back, but the costs can be quite high. The return transport costs will be automatically invoiced by the carrier.

2. Destroy the good on the spot: a priori, this solution is not an option. However, many people choose it if the value of the good is not too high because the return costs will not be invoiced, except in some specific cases. Of course, you would be informed about it.



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