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How to pack a parcel ?

Here are some tips that you can use so your packages arrive at destination in a good shape.

To pack a merchandise properly, you need to choose the right box All cardboard boxes don’t have the same resistance, remember to choose one adapted to the weight of your shipment Your package weighs between 0 and 10 kilos: Choose a cardboard box with a “single flute”  ” (one single layer), economical and easily storable. In case the content is fragile (for example: a vase), go directly for a box with double flute.  Your package weighs between 10 and 20 kilos: Choose a cardboard box with “double flute” ideal for heavy and/or fragile objects. It is resistant and economical. Your package weighs over 20 kilos: The cardboard box with triple flute is only made for heavy shipment and can also carry very fragile objects. It is particularly resistant to crushing and shock.

To pack a merchandise properly, you need to protect the content

Start with enfolding the object with several layers of newspaper or bubble wrap that you stick to the merchandise as close as possible. The bubble wrap offers a very good filling option for light object and it can be cut to wrap up any shape. It shouldn’t be used for heavy objects but it is very shielding for light ones. When you use this type of wrapping, make sure the shipment is completely covered (including angles and edges) under several layers in order to protect it correctly. This will prevent any damages during the pick-up and the delivery service.

Advantages of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a material is made of air bubbles, which offers a very good surface protection. Wrap every article separately and place them in a solid cardboard box. You should be especially careful with porcelain, glass or small objects. Every objects should be wrapped in at least 5 cm bubble wrap and, if possible, being placed at least 5 cm from the cardboard walls. Doing so, you will prevent any damages possibly resulting from articles hitting against each other or from vibrations of shocks from the outside. Use enough foam sheet to properly stall the content when you shake it. To avoid your content moving, fill up the empty spots with padding. Use old newspaper, craft paper, packing chips or old rags. Proceed to shake the package, no movement should be felt. Advices: In the case of fragile articles, wrap them up separately with several layers of bubble wrap or with foam sheet and position the articles in the type of cardboard box recommended above. You should especially be careful with the shocks that fragile objects can get against each other or from above and underneath.  To wrap flat objects, don’t use padding material.

  1. Advice : The padding material such as flakes of expanded polystyrene produces static electricity, which can damage electronic components. Antistatic flakes must be used to protect such articles. Use plastic bags, bubble wrap or other material to pack the object.
  2. Advice   : Some products don’t bear any humidity. To prevent damages, think of always putting your merchandise in a hermetic plastic bag.

To pack a merchandise properly, you need to close the cardboard box correctly.

When you wrap the package, as you close the box, make sure it is as smooth as possible. Use large tape to maintain the openings and stick it to all the edges of the box. Once it is stuck, the tape must be smooth and without bubbles. Place the transport label on a smooth surface on the top of the cardboard box. You can reinforce it through adding tape on each edge.

To pack a merchandise properly, you need to buy the suitable cardboard box

To do so you have several options: Migros and Coop offer boxes, but you can also find a large selection in specialized shops such as Office Wold. If you don’t have time to go to the shop to buy boxes, you can order some online on our partner’s website:

To pack a merchandise properly, you need to follow the 8 commandments

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