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How to send a large package from Switzerland ?

To send a big package, you should start with defining it.  A big package is defined by its weigh in kilos but also by its dimensions. If you wish to send it with the Swiss Post, be aware that the maximum weight is of 30 kilos and dimension shouldn’t exceed: 60X60X100 cm.

Your first step is know if your package fit this category or not. Don’t forget that when you make a shipment, the total weigh will include the weight of the packaging.

How to send a large package: how to weigh my package

Be aware that both the Swiss Post and the carrier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT weigh every package they handle. When you intend to weigh your package, it is essential to be as precise as possible to prevent extra cost on you final bill.

Tip: If your shipment is possible to lift, first weigh yourself without the package and then carrying it. The difference between both results will give you the exact weight of the package. For more information about this subject, go to our website on the page how to weigh my shipment

In general, it is advised to evaluate the weight of your shipment slightly higher than it really is. In doing so, you will prevent bad surprise as the carrier weighs the package and might lead to higher cost.

Be careful; when you write the weight of the package, always indicate the weight in kilos.

How to send a large package: mesuring the dimensions

During the delivery, the dimension of the package is as important as its weight. Be aware that it is important to always measure the package and not the merchandise.

As an example, if you put an article in a cardboard box, calculate the measurement in this order, Length (L) X Width (W) X Height (H). The dimensions are in centimetres. If your package is cylindrical, you should use the diameter, the width and the height.

Tip: If you do not have a ruler with you, use a A4 sheet, which measures 30 cm X 20 cm. For more information, don’t hesitate to check this link to discover how to mesure your package without a ruler

How to send a large package  : the volumetric weight

The volumetric weight applies to packages in which the article is relatively light compared to its volume. If the volumetric weight is heavier than the gross weight, the costs will be defined according to it. Here are the tool that will allow you to calculate the volumetric weight of your package:

How to send a large package: Packing advices

Concerning the shipment weighing over 30 kilos, it is very important to choose a packing material, which fits the content of your package. In order to safely pack heavy articles, follow our advices below:

How to send a large package with the Swiss Post?

The post names the voluminous parcels: bulky shipment. As indicated at the beginning of the article, the Swiss Post does not accept every dimension. Here is a little table summarizing the constraints in order to send large packages.

Your package exceed a length of 120 cm or weighs over 30 kilos? There is another solution.

How to send a large package with the help of Expedismart? is a website which allows you to send shipment weighing over 70 kilos. A heavy package is therefore voluminous. On, you can send packages measuring as much as 120 X 120 X 120 cm.

What happens if the merchandise weighs over 70 kilos  ?

This is not a problem; you can send a maximum of 20 packages weighing each 70 kilos, which means 1400 kilos of merchandise.

When shipping a heavy package with Expedismart, you can compare and use the services of FedEx, UPS, TNT and Aramex and send your packages within Switzerland and to 190 other countries with negotiated discounts. These discounts can reach up to 60 % of the normal prize. You must ship a heavy parcel? Go ahead and try



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