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How to send a parcel to Belgium?


How to send a package to Belgium? If you ship goods from Switzerland to Belgium you must  provide your carrier with certain documents that will allow customs to identify the goods you  are sending.

How to send a package to Belgium? The essential documents

During an international shipment, International parcel carriers handle all requests at the  relevant Customs. As a sender, you just need to provide the selected carrier, Dhl, FedEx, Ups  Tnt, Aramex, the waybill you get at the end of your booking on the Expedismart.ch website,  as well as a Pro forma invoice.

The Pro-forma invoice or commercial invoice is a document provided by the carrier giving a certain number of mandatory information to declare a commodity as soon as it is imported into the country of destination.

Be aware: In the case of shipping of alcohol, in the description of the goods, indicate the color of the alcohol (white or brown) and the alcohol %.

Only companies holding an import license for wines and spirits are allowed to import wine or alcohol.

Do not worry on Expedismart.ch, a pre-filled template will be offered at the end of your reservation! We take care of everything !

Here is the important information to know if you want to send the following goods:

The chocolate:

A computer:

Moving belongings

Key (personal belonging)




Credit card:


USB stick:

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