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How to mesure a parcel without a ruler?


The measuring of a package, big or small, is an important step to go through if you wish toknow the price of the shipping with private carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT. The reason behind it is that those dimensions added to the weight allows them to give you the prizes   of the shipping. Be aware that if you under-evaluate the dimensions of your international or  national package, the carrier will invoice you the prize difference. In order to send a package as cheap as possible, you need to measure it properly before the pick-up.

If you use the Swiss Post, they only consider the weight to calculate the prize and send the package. If you do not own a weighing scale, read our advices on the method to do it without one, klick here. Before we give you some tips to measure your shipment without a ruler, remember the information below in order to send cheaper packages everywhere in the world:

How to measure you package without a ruler? Tip n°1Y

You are asking yourself how to send a package as you are at the office and do not havea ruler with you? You probably have an  A4 sheet; you can use it as a base for your calculation.

How to measure you package without a ruler? Tip n°2

Another alternative to do this is to use bank bills as a calculation reference. If you have a bill in your wallet, here are the dimensions  :

10 CHF = 12,50 x 7 cm

20 CHF = 13 x 7 cm

50 CHF = 14 x 7 cm

You just measured your package? The moment has come to send it. Enter the dimensions that you have just measured and you will receive the price of the shipping right away.

How to measure you package without a ruler? The volumetric weight

Bonus: The volumetric weight is a measure unit, which is calculated with the package’s dimensions. The carrier will define the prize of a shipment based on the highest value between the gross weight and the volumetric weight. Example You wish to send a package of 60 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. If the package weighs 20 kgs, the volumetric weight is 9,6 ((60 x 40 x20)/ 5000= 9,6) and gross weight is of 20kg. The gross weight is more important, therefore, it will be the value used to define the prize of the shipment. If the package weighs 5 kgs, the volumetric weight will always be of 9,6, however the gross weight is 5 kg. In this case, the volumetric weight is more important, therefore it will be the value  used to define the shipment’s price.

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