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How to send a mail in France?


Send a letter to France from Switzerland, information to know

Every year in France, La Poste distributes nearly 14 billion parcels and couriers. Between thefts and losses, the risk that your document will not reach its destination is not negligible. According to statistics, nearly 1% of packages and documents are lost or damaged.

Why this risk of loss? When you send mail to France from Switzerland with Swiss Post, Swiss Post sends your mail to the border, then changes hands to arrive at the French Post Office. It is at this time that the losses are the greatest, not to mention the delays.

How to send a letter in France...but safely?

The best way to send mail safely to France is to use a private carrier such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT?

These carriers have developed an international logistics fleet, which allows them to handle your mail from pick-up in Switzerland to delivery in France.

Who can use the services of carriers to send mail to France?

Mailings in France with private carriers such as FedEx, UPS or DHL are mainly companies such as :

How can a company send a letter to France quickly and safely?

Of course, sending a letter to France by post does not mean that your document will never arrive or will necessarily arrive three weeks late. On the other hand, if your mail is important, by going through a carrier such as FedEx or UPS, you ensure yourself a form of peace of mind.

If you have never, or only rarely, sent mail abroad, you will not be familiar with the sites of these carriers and you may get lost.

That's why there is Expedismart.ch, a website that allows, in a few clicks, to compare the prices and delivery times of carriers such as FedEx, UPS, TNt or Aramex and to book their services online.

Book FedEx, UPS or TNT from Expedismart to send a mail in France Switzerland until it is delivered in France.

Hundreds of SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland and thousands of private individuals use Expedismat.ch for their mail and parcel shipments, which has enabled us to negotiate volume discounts with these carriers from which our users benefit.

For each mail sent in France or in nearly 190 countries around the world with these carriers, you get discounts of between -40 and -60% of the public price, regardless of the number of mailings you will make over the year

Our team takes care of the follow-up of your shipment as soon as it is processed and we keep you informed of the delivery of your mail.

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