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Are you waiting for the courier? How to avoid that he gets late


Your mail or your parcel must absolutely be sent today, otherwise it will not be delivered on time? The courier also has to pick it up at your place. Here is some advice to make almost SURE that your shipment will be picked up during the day

Book your shipment preferably between and

Why? Simply because in the event of an unforeseen problem (which can happen to a pickup truck on the road), the driver has time to contact you to inform you and arrange another moment with you.

Check where you are

If you are close to a big Swiss city, the carriers will give you more time to book, for example until However, if you are in a more remote place, the limit time to book may be When you are doing a price test on Expedismart, you can see the limit time at which you can book.

Give him as much information as you can

Remember that the carriers are in a hurry, clients ask them to be there very quickly. Remember to give them all possible information while booking. Front door code, floor number, phone number. The goal is to facilitate his job and to avoid that he goes away without your mail or your parcel.

Give him a flexible time range

Two hours, that is the minimum amount of time that you must foresee so that the pickup is validated by the carrier while booking. If you are there all day long, do not hesitate to give a longer time range, but we recommend a “closing time” of maximum one hour before the end of the limit time.

As long as the shipment arrives before at the warehouse of the carrier, it will leave on the same day.

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